Monday, July 1, 2013

Hawaii 2013 - Days 1-4

A few weeks ago Joel and I had the opportunity to take a vacation to Hawaii. We used military planes to get there which means free airfare and once we got there the fun and relaxation kept going.

Day 1-
We were met at the terminal by our friend who greeted us with the most wonderful smelling leis you've ever smelled. A true Hawaiian welcome.

The beautiful sights were around every corner. Our guide wasted no time throwing us into the  many tourist spots on Ouahu. This is me 16 1/2 weeks preggo, a small bump is beginning to form. 

Right from the airplane to a hike up to see a lighthouse with another great view. Behind us in this pic. is Diamond Head Crater which we later climbed.

Refreshments after a long wonderful day. This is our wonderful friend and best tour guide you'll ever have, Megan.

Day 2- We hung out at our cabin by the beach, relaxed, and did laundry. In the evening we went to dinner at the Yard House where I felt the baby move for the first time! It was unreal!

Day 3-

Our day at Pearly Harbor was truly sobering. 

Day 4- We hiked up Diamond Head Crater. Needless to say it was a bit rough for me. Joel said it was because I was breathing for 2. How sweet he is! We made it to the top! 

A pic. from the top into the crater. 

A beautiful view of Waikiki

Glad we made it!

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