Monday, July 1, 2013

Hawaii 2013 - Day 10

Day 10- We were true tourists this day. We followed the advice of our guide book, left the house by 2:30AM and ventured to Halakala Crater to see the sunrise. We went from sea level to 10,000 ft in about 3 hours and from 80 degree weather to about 50...brrr! But it was worth it!

Blurry but we were there!

Joel kept focusing more on mom and me than the sunrise in the background. This was as good as we got. :)

All of us happy that the sun is up and we can get back into the warm car!

Smaller cones inside the crater. You can see the blacker part on the left side where actual lava came out of this cone.

I forget what day this part happened, but we got to see an actual lava flow. Talk about cool! At first I thought it was a field that had just been tilled, but no, it was where the lava flowed out of a cone into the ocean. So cool!

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