Monday, July 1, 2013

Hawaii 2013 - Day 11 -Road to Hana

I gave Day 11 its own post because we literally spent all day in the car taking in one beautiful sight after the other. I didn't want to leave any of the beauty out! I'll let you enjoy the pics.

First stop on this winding road is the infamous "Jaws" where wave in the winter get up to 20ft tall. A surfer's dream.

Our ballin' SUV

Second stop was a nature conservatory. There were cool plants, and flowers. And this super cool peacock who just happened to have his plume out. 

A bunch of my pictures were views from the car as we drove. The roads were tiny, sometimes one lane. I was glad I didn't have to drive, but instead got to take in the sights!

Third stop were the black sand beaches. I have to admit that these were really neat. 

lava tunnel/tube

Lunch in Hana at a Thai place. It hit the spot after a LONG morning driving and sightseeing. It was literally a tent with picnic tables. But the food was SO YUMMY!

Our last stop was at a national park where waterfalls/pools were everywhere. We hiked up a trail to see what we could see. 

This bamboo forest was what I wanted to see since I started reading about the sights in Maui. It didn't disappoint. 

Mom and Dad found a shady spot to sit. Mom couldn't do the hike b/c she sprained her foot earlier in the week at Halakala Crater. Sad for her. But this doesn't look like too bad of a spot to spend a few hours. :)

the road out of Hana. So narrow!

Leaving Hawaii and the folks was bittersweet. We sure had a great time though! Til' next time.

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