Sunday, January 19, 2014

Jer Month 2

Jer is getting bigger and stronger. He started giving us social smiles and playing with toys. His baby hair started falling out and is slowly coming back in. He is generally happy baby who I think is more like his Daddy every day, loving people and talking.  He also loves his new recliner that vibrates.

Sweet boy loves the carseat.

1st family picture of 2014

tummy time

Those chins!

passport picture

His buddy Rufio giving him licks.

Sometimes tummy time is hard (face plant).

Daddy's favorite time in the morning, Jer taking naps/snuggling with him.

SO BIG! 8 weeks already!

Jer Month 1

Everything is "new" for and with our little man. We love him!

Day 1- 8lb 9oz, Alert and ready for life to begin

going home from the hospital

1st bath. Already lovin' that paci.

Storytime with Dad

Chillin' with mom

He loves sleeping with his arms free from the swaddle.

1st Christmas

1 month with buddy Rufio


17 weeks

23 weeks

                                                                     30 weeks

                                                                36 weeks

                                                                         37 weeks

39 weeks

40 weeks

41 weeks 2 Days