Monday, July 1, 2013

Hawaii 2013 Days 5-7

Day 5- North Shore Drive

We drove up and around the north shore of Ouahu. Again, the sights were absolutely stunning. We stopped at a macadamia nut farm where we got to crack open some nuts and test taste some yummy nuts covered in all sorts of toppings. My fav. was the cinnamon and sugar one. I am still craving it.

A not-so-wild wild boar. Joel touched it and then ate some nuts without washing his hands. He thought he might die. But luckily he didn't .:)
Beautiful North Shore. 17 week bump.

In front of "China Man's Hat" which may be a bit racist, but hey, it's labeled that on the map. 

Day 6- We hiked out to an albatross bird (think the bird from Rescuers) and monk seal sanctuary. I was thinking that I wished we left the house earlier in the day. It was super warm but really beautiful!
The wave were enormous! Joel adventured out to the edge of this rock formation. Boys will be boys.

An albatross bird in the wild.

Do you see the seal in the water? 

Relaxing after the hike in.

After our hike we went to Target. Can I just say that this place is magical? We didn't go crazy, but we did buy some needed items. 

We ended the day at this BEAUTIFUL lagoon. The water was super calm and the weather was perfect for sunbathing and swimming. You can see Joel's head bobbing in the water.

Day 7- We left Meg on beautiful Ouahu and headed to meet my parents on Maui. Joel and I spent most of day 7 at the airport waiting for mom and pop's plane to arrive. We took the day easy, resting and catching each other up on the last year of life and went to dinner. I was so happy to see them!

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