Sunday, November 22, 2009


Whenever I hear anything said about friendship these days I am all ears and usually struck to the core wondering and examining my our heart, life, motives as to whether I am truly a good friend. Let me back up to why I am blogging about this. Yesterday's sermon talked a little about authentic friendship. The definition of a friend that was given was this:

"A trustworthy peer with whom we mutually choose to lovingly live with by seeking unique access and service for God's glory and our mutual good."- Mark Driscoll

Our pastor pointed out the words, "peer", "mutually choose", "live with", and "God's glory". The word that gets me the most every time is the "live with". I know that it doesn't seem like it should be interesting or even difficult, but its the one that trips me up the most. He said that living with doesn't mean cohabitation, but that it simply means a co-sharing of activities, emotions, hearts, etc. This means that the friend shares their "junk" with me and I with them. This means that there is risk involved. This means that there is risk because of the fact that you have to trust this person with your heart, thoughts, and even sin, and KNOW that they will care for it as you care for theirs. Its always hardest for me to trust my heart, to be completely vulnerable and let people/ a person into that part of my life. This is the challenge that hits me every time I hear anything about friendship, "Am I doing my part in being a friend? Am I letting that person into my heart, into my sin and letting them help me through it? Do I trust the Lord enough to guard my heart though I share it with others?" Sometimes, most times, my answer is no.

New and Wonderful Things

I was just thinking about how Joel and I are now over our heads into the youth group at our church. Joel is teaching the Sr. High boys and I the Sr. High girls. I am also helping with the youth worship band. I am so excited that the Lord has asked us to serve this specific people, a people who is usually looked down upon because of their age and stature in the world. What are "youth" anyway? Why do they matter? I think they matter because, as cliche as it sounds, they are the next leaders, teachers, pastors, rock stars, etc. in our world. Also, they matter because they are God's children.

Its been a few weeks now since we went to the youth retreat, which was on a beach...AMAZING. But anyway, we really had the opportunity to get to know these kids and for them to get to know us. Since then more of the kids are opening up to us and sharing their lives with us. Its such an astounding thing! Yet at the same time our hearts break because they are just kids and they are going through some rough times: lose of hearing, boy trouble, family separation, figuring out who they are going to be, and the list goes on. They are looking to Joel and I as mentors through these times. They are looking to us to lead them to Jesus and to lead them to truth. What a heavy weight! I rejoice that the weight and the burden is the Lord's first and he chose Joel and I to share in it, and to tend to His precious lambs. My prayer is that He gives us the grace to walk steadfast with our eyes focused on Him first and foremost, and that He gives us the grace to be good stewards of the hearts that He's entrusted to our care.