Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am loved

This morning as I sit here sipping on coffee I am so in awe of the love and blessing in my life. My husband is away. It is hard to be alone.

Yet, yesterday afternoon I talked with a friend for 4 hours over lunch. And last night my house was filled with more friends, laughter, and lots of food. My mothers are throwing money at me left and right for my birthday gifts. My good friend sent me an email and shared her fears and concerns. It just so happens that we are dealing with similar feelings.

I am blessed.

My life is full even when it seems like it should be empty.

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  1. I read this and got concerned that I had missed your b-day! I thought to myself, oh no.. I thought it was later in October! I had to go check facebook.. huge sigh of relief.. I didn't miss it! But I DO miss you miss Jenni! I am so glad that God keeps filling you up in the midst of emptiness!