Monday, September 6, 2010

BBQ and Baby Shower

I can finally breathe again. These last two weeks have been so busy with planning, cooking, and baking. Lots of baking. I don't know when it happened, but somewhere in the last 6 months I've become a party planner. Mostly I just end up volunteering my tim
e and money to host events.

Two weeks ago I helped plan and host a bbq for the youth group. This wasn't just your typical run of the mill bbq. It was a military bbq, aka, a "combat dining out." There was a whole bunch of protocol, a script, food, water guns, flour, teams, an obstacle course, and a "bowl of shame." Anyway, I was told to plan food for 100 people. With all my lists and organization, nothing turned out as I planned it, talk about a rough week...but in the end the food tasted good and the kids had a great time.

Some pics.

The jr. high boys team.

The red team.


The obstacle course.

Lovely husband completing the obstacle course.

The next week I had a baby shower that I was planning for friends who just adopted a little 3 mo. old boy from Japan. Talk about the sweetest baby ever! I told her some time ago that I would love to host a party for her and her husband, that I'd make a FB event and she could invite people. 90 people later, there was a guest list. I was freaking out a bit at the size of this baby shower/ small reception that I was planning and hosting. Eyes wide, I gulped, changed the plan, and continued on. Of course I couldn't buy the cakes or the food from a store, who does that? So the week was full of cooking, baking, at which my husband was super bummed he couldn't indulge, and crafting. I did a nursery rhyme theme. So, I drew about 15 nursery rhyme characters from a book, colored them, and wrote the corresponding rhyme on the card...SO TIME CONSUMING!!! In hindsight, I don't think I would do the drawing and coloring again... The shower turned out lovely after a few cake mishaps. My friends felt so loved by the gesture, and 50-60 people showed up...which was good because I that's all the people I planned for. :) Pics. of this to come at a later time.

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