Friday, October 1, 2010

The Gym

A few things can be said about the gym. I've been spending more and more time there, so I wouldn't necessarily call myself and expert, but I've noticed a few things.

There are different people who go at different times during the day. I've never been there super early, so I can't say too much about that except that those people are husband being one of them. In late morning, 9-10am you get the women/moms in all shapes and sizes. From 12-4, you get a random, sparse line of people coming in. Then from 4-7pm, you get people that are motivated, just getting off work and are there mostly because they "have to work out today." Then from 7-10pm, which is my new favorite time frame, mostly because the people watching is superb. There are HUGE men... the serious lifters, who are lifting weights and leave the cardio room empty! Yay for me. :)

There are men who douse themselves in cologne and arrive at the gym smelling like a 15 year old boy trying to impress his movie date. Maybe the smell of the cologne distracts people from noticing how much weight they're lifting...who knows.

There are moms/women at 8am, hair done, their face loaded with makeup, wearing a small amount of clothing for all the bouncing and bending that is done in the gym...for what reason??? I just don't get it.

I guess people are an anomaly no matter what setting they are found. I'm sure if someone was to look at some of my habits, they would think that I was strange.

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  1. haha.. oh you little people watcher! This made me laugh.. I could see it all!