Sunday, September 19, 2010


Yesterday on our way to church we experienced something so unbelievable and so disheartening. Here is my story.

It was a regular Sunday. Joel and I were headed to church. We were a bit late do to the change of time in the service...15 minutes earlier...ugh. Nonetheless, we were on our way. Listening to worship music and just enjoying each other as we sing along in the car. The traffic wasn't terribly bad, but we kept hitting all of the red lights. We got stopped at a main intersections. This intersections forms a 'T'. Behind the cross of the 'T' is an air force base that is fenced off, leaving about 4 feet of grass between the road and the fence. We're sitting there, waiting to turn right, in what seems like the longest light ever, when all of the sudden Joel yells, "See that's what I'm talking about, kittens just falling out of cars! Did you see that?" I say no, but immediately look over to where he is looking. There was a small white/brown kitten dashing back and forth in the street. He would run over in the grass looking for an escape, run into the fence, then back into the street. The car that was moving forward saw him, and stopped. The poor kitten so frazzled, and looking for safety, jumped into the undercarriage of the stopped car. The driver, thinking the kitten was gone, started moving, the kitten fell onto the ground, and mostly dodged the back wheels of the car. The same thing happen 3 times to this poor guy while we were waiting in the light. Joel and I were speechless. Mouths open...speechless. The funny thing is that I have NO love whatsoever for these creatures and yet I wanted to cry. The image of the helpless kitten, running back and forth, trying as best he could to dodge cars...poor thing. I am afraid to go on that road again because I don't wish to see smashed kitty all over the road... So sad.

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