Monday, May 3, 2010

"No Place Like Home"

Spring tradition in Okinawa is to hang up these carp banners.

Here in Okinawa the season in changing into spring. The sun shines making the temperature around 75 degrees and with every few days comes a warm gentle rain. The trees and flowers are blooming. The smell of cut grass and BBQ hangs in the air. Its truly beautiful.

Last night Joel and I walked on the beach for sunset. I am still amazed at the Japanese people. They know how to throw a party; they're always with family and friends chillin', eatin', and drinkin'. What a good life. Anyway, the sunset was gorgeous last night. There wasn't much wind so the ocean was calm. It reflected the pink and orange sunlight like a mirror, a perfect replica of the real deal. We walked almost silently in the dusk, semi-humid night thinking about life.

Joel told me how this weather, spring, reminds him of home; the fond memories of growing up and playing outside and being with people who you love. It made me too start thinking of home. Okinawa is an extraordinary place full of beauty and life, but Dorthy says it best when she says, " There's no place like home."

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