Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My New French Press

This is kind of a funny story. I apologize in advance if you don't see the humor in it...

When Joel and I first started hanging out in Columbia, MO I was living with this girl Chaleece. She was my first college roommate and boy was she crazy. By crazy I mean, crazy. She would listen to Disney songs on her computer, and when I would walk in the room to talk her, she'd be sitting at her computer desk, waving her hands (and whole body really) to the song, singing, and clapping along...crazy. But I loved her anyway. Anyway, Joel and I would hang out about twice a week, and I was smitten with him. I'd come home after our non-dates and tell her all about it. From the beginning she said, "You guys are going to get married." To which I replied, "unlikely." Things went on like this for a bit until I decided I wasn't going to like Joel any more because he kept dating other girls and I couldn't handle it. After 2 years, Chaleece and I decided to move to different places in CoMO. We still chatted every now and then. She graduated and moved back to Indiana, where she now resides. I was finishing up college, and we all know what happened...Joel and I got married pretty quickly. I called her as Joel and I were heading to the B&B to tell her that I had in fact married Joel. She said, "I told you." Funny.

Anyway, back to the french press. This March when Joel and I went back to the states, mom told me that a package had come just a few weeks ago for me. It was from Chaleece, it was a congrats you got married/Happy Anniversary package. Low and behold there was a french press in it. Mom sent that package to me in Okinawa. I received yesterday. So exciting! This morning I made my first cup of coffee with it...Boy, its AMAZING! I don't think I'll even use a regular coffee pot again.

So, I think its only fair to give a shout out to Chaleece.


  1. Crazy? Psh, takes one to know one, Miss Black Curtains XD Glad you like the french press and talk about "far out"-- How'd you end up in JAPAN?! Oh, and I've deactivated the Facebook (again) because of... acquiring a stalker, one from St. Louis oddly enough. You can reach me at cnuanj @ 'S one I check the most :)

  2. You found me! HOW??? That's so great!

  3. I'm magic like that? Sorry for the late reply-- Busy trying to find a new job :)