Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday School

I teach a Sunday school full of senior high girls. Every other month I get to teach. I've never really thought of myself as a teacher, but I've really been enjoying it. This whole month we have been studying "wisdom." You know, questions like, how to I make wise decisions, and what is wisdom. Its a great study for any of you who are looking for something new to study :)

The goal that I have for my group is 1, that they learn how to have a relationship with Jesus outside of Sunday school/church, 2, that they become friends, 3, that I challenge them to read the word/live a life worthy of the calling. I think all along this has been my goal for them.

Anyway, this past Sunday was so encouraging to me as a leader because in a small way, I saw these things happening in the girls. It was the 5th Sunday, and honestly the material that I had to teach (we have a curriculum we use) was just ridiculous. I had something else planned to talk about, but the more I thought about it, the more I felt lead to just ask the girls what they've been learning in their own time with the Lord throughout the week. My goals in this were to get them to be vulnerable to one another, and that hopefully there words would help encourage the group. I was so proud of them. The things they were sharing were of the heart. A few that never talk opened up to the group! Amazing!

There were two testimonies (for lack of a better term) that really spoke to me... one of the girls has made some bad decisions. (She is a freshman right now.) And she started talking about how the Lord is revealing to her that love does exist through/in Him. How wonderful! Here is a girl who believes in God, but doesn't think that he loves her, sitting there telling the whole group that He's changing her mind in that area. What a gracious God we serve! The other was from a girl who had never been to our church before. She said she grew up going to a methodist church every so often. Through her tears, she started talking about how she wants to live a life in the Spirit and how she wants to be able to know God, and have people in her life that can lead her to Him.

I am so glad that we just chatted yesterday in Sunday school. I am so glad that Jesus is speaking to these girls in a real personal way. I am so blessed that all I have to do is show up to watch it all happen.

I am so encouraged that Jesus is moving in the hearts and lives of these girls! I am so shocked really that He would allow me to take part in it, that all I have to do is show up and watch Him move. I love it that the Lord is drawing men to Himself, and that He is wooing them into His kingdom.

Please pray for these girls as the Lord continues to speak to them :)

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