Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I wanted to write about what's going on here in Japan. The earthquake and tsunami that took place last week were truly devastating. Here are some stats for you to think about:

- roughly 590,000 people have been displaced
- about 380,000 people are in shelters
- the expected death toll is 10,000 people
- over 1 million people are without water
- over 5 million without power

These stats are astounding! The crisis is far from over. I'm sure everyone has heard about the nuclear power plants and threats from radiation exposure.

Its so hard to hear about the mass amounts of people who have lost everything they own and not feel something in your heart for them, but most of us move on with our lives.

They say that the people on the coast had 10 minutes from the time of the earthquake to when the tsunami hit. Most people did't make it out.

The feeling around here, in places of business and leisure, is sobering. The people are cordial, as normal, but very somber. Many of the Okinawans have family or know people who are directly affected by this disaster.

The Okinawan Christians around the island are holding nightly prayer meetings to lift up friends and family in mainland. Words are not enough to comfort broken and hurting friends and family. These faithful servants ask the Father for help.

Let me tell you a story about a friend of a friend.

This woman is getting married in about a week. She grew up in Sendai, the town that was hit the hardest. Her parents still live there. Its been about a week since the earthquake and tsunami. She hasn't heard from them yet. They are postponing the wedding until she hears one way or another.

This is one story in a million. There is SO much action to be done to undo what the earthquake and tsunami did.

My husband was among 38 other Marines from his unit to deploy to mainland Japan. They were at work all last weekend preparing supplies and equipment to take with them on their journey to aid in the relief. Monday they took a 24hour boat ride to mainland. They are far away from the disaster right now. Their humanitarian efforts will commence upon hearing word from the Prime Minister of Japan and the President of the U.S. As of now, they are gone with an "open ended" return date.

I am so thankful that he left for humanitarian efforts. While the devastation is similar to that of war, it is not war. He does not need a weapon at all. I am thankful that he gets to reach out and be Jesus to these people in a very small way.

The need is SO great in northern Japan right now. We have a Saviour who knows our needs. We can reach out to others because we have been taken hold of by Him first.

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  1. wow Jenni! thanks for posting this. My thoughts and prayers have been with Japan for many days now. I keep thinking about the Christians God has planted there (like you and Joel) to speak hope and compassion into such a terrible situation. Love you lots and praying, even far from the epicenter of devastation, that you would have opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus!!