Saturday, March 6, 2010

We're on our way!!

I probably should be sleeping right now. We've finally made it out of Okinawa on a Space-A flight. I really don't think Air Force planes are in a hurry to get anywhere, 21 hours layovers here, 24 hours layovers there...geesh! The good news though if that we are closer to "home" than we have been in a while. Just the thought gets me super excited. I think the best part about it is that we're doing it for minimal expense; normally flights to the states cost about $1500 per ticket. We're going to make it out at less than $1500 for the whole trip! Super exciting!

Anyway. We are in Guam for who knows how long (they say up to 21 hours), then we are onto Hawaii for 24 hours (there are worse places to be), then Travis AFB in CA, then who knows...We are still trying to figure out how we're going to get to STL. We're taking one flight at a time and trying to roll with it. As I type, Joel is curled up on the floor in the museum part of the terminal. Its probably not "legal," but as Joel said to me, "There are higher security places out there..." I guess its all part of the adventure. It still stresses me out a bit, not knowing where/when we're taking our next flight, nap, or meal, but its worth it.

By the way, the plane we just flew on was HUGE! There were 10 passengers (ourselves included) in a space about the size of a normal kitchen. Then behind the "crew bunks" there is just nothing. Our bags were on one pallet and the rest of the plane was empty and went on forever. I found this out because I forgot something in my bag so I just went to get it in the back part of the plane...more high security...not.

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  1. ahah... Jenni, that is so funny! I have taken many a nap on the airport floor... or rather, on top of my bags on top of the airport floor. Praying for your trip and so excited to see your face!!