Sunday, March 28, 2010

Back From Outer Space

Joel and I have made it back to Okinawa safely. Our journey back here wasn't as eventful as the journey going. I think we're alright with that though. Being back is an interesting thing; its good to be back at OUR home, with OUR things, and OUR space, but there just seems to be something or should I say someones missing. OUR family and friends are now so far away, which stinks. Sometimes I wish I could meld the two worlds. I mean, I LOVE living on a tropical island and having a home here, but I truly miss my family and people who know me. The Lord surely knows what He's doing though. I love that about God; he always has a purpose.


  1. So sad that I never got to actually spend time with you, but happy that I got to see your pretty face. Love you and miss you.