Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One afternoon in Japan

Today, sitting in the sunlight in the sand, I took in some of the Japanese way of life. Shutting my eyes I heard the tiny voices of children talking, the cheering of a crowd watching a volleyball game, voices singing in harmony because of a won volley, and laughter everywhere.

These are the sounds of a peaceful people.

My eyes still closed, I smelled the Japanese flesh popsicles(YUM!!), a smell that reminds me of home and mom's bbq. I also smelled the salt of the sea as the waves crashed against the sandy shore.

Opening my eyes I saw families far and wide, scattered on the beach enjoying each others company. Children of all ages digging in the sand , running, and splashing in the water. Young and old alike, floating on intertubes in the water. A group of college age students sitting under a gazebo like tent drinking, laughing, enjoying life.

A culture of such tradition, of such modesty, closely knit to family, finding enjoyment in life.

I am brought to curiosity...Do they ever work?'s 2pm? Do the teenagers actually like spending time with their parents? Why don't the women wear swimsuits but instead shorts and long sleeve shirts? What are they talking about? ...

What a beautiful culture, full of life, tradition, and mystery. I can only speculate what aspects of God's character are shown to the world through this people. Maybe patience. Maybe peace and serenity...

Give me grace to learn and to adapt O God.

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