Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Jeremiah's Nursery

Baby boy is almost here! I have a little over a week to go. My how time flies. I thought that I should post the pics I took of the nursery before he gets here. When we found out we were having a boy I decided on a loose owl theme. I didn't want to go too crazy with owl paraphernalia. I wanted a cohesive look through color.

 >> This is the closet. Organization has been huge for me recently, nesting much?? My solution to not finding the type of furniture I want was to buy plastic drawers. I labeled them to help us remember what goes where. I put them in the closet to give us more space so the room isn't so cramped. I also bought some cute baskets for under the changing table for toys, books, diapers, etc.

 <<  My labels add a little more color to the closet too.

 >> This was my first project that really inspired the rest of the room. I made each of these from nice card stock paper and framed them. They turned out really well.


^^ I didn't want to paint the walls because, 1, paint here is pricey, and, 2, because I would have to paint the walls back to this lovely off white color before we leave. My solution was to bring color up the wall by making this pennant banner from card stock, buttons, and hemp string. It was an easy project and I think it helped achieve the goal of bringing color into the room.

>> Another project that kept be busy while hubs was away was making a bed skirt and "upcycling" some old curtains that I had in the guest room by adding a panel of fabric to the bottom of them.  I'm not an avid seamstress, so these took me some time to complete. I am happy how they turned out.  

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