Thursday, June 9, 2011

more thoughts

"This is a very central concept if we are to have any understanding or any real practice of the true Christian life or true spirituality. I can take lists that men make and I can seem to keep them, but to do that my heart does not have to be bowed. But when i come to the inward aspect of the Ten Commandments, when I come to the inward aspect of the Law of Love, if I am listening even in a poor fashion to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, I can no longer feel proud. I am brought to my knees. In this life I can never say, "I have arrived; it is finished, look at me-I am holy." When we talk of the Christian life or true spirituality, when we talk about freedom from the bonds of sin, we must be wrestling with the inward problems of not coveting against God and men, of loving God and men, not merely some set of externals."- Francis Schaeffer.

The inward aspect of the of Law is coveting. It is the negative to the positive, love the Lord with all your heart. Our desires become coveting/sin when they fail to include the love of God or men. We find ourselves in this struggle daily.

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