Sunday, May 22, 2011

What a great weekend.

This weekend was truly awesome. I don't know if it was awesome because of the amazing people that I got to share it with or because it was just so full of life.

On Saturday Joel and I participated in an island wide scavenger hunt with the youth group kids. There were about 15 kids that showed up (not as big of a turn-out as we'd hoped for). Most of these kids were jr. high students. We split the kids into 2 teams. Joel and I were leaders along with our dear friend Jessica. We had snacks and adventures and of so much fun. There was a car portion and an on foot portion. Here are some pics of our team.

The rains came.

The kids didn't mind though.

My favorite Japanese baby.

I think they played for about an hour. They provided entertainment for Japanese and American onlookers waiting out the storm. So fun!

Then on Sunday after church, Joel and I went snorkeling. Here is what the day looked like yesterday...

I saw TONS of different of colors of fish and coral. And I swam right up to an octopus... totally on accident. It freaked me out! But it was super cool.

All in all, this weekend was jam packed with great fun and friends. Ahhh. :)

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