Tuesday, December 28, 2010

100 Yen Store

There is a store here in Japan called the 100 Yen store. Its like the dollar store in America, but the stuff you can find there is 10X better. For the spouse's coffee this month we were told to go pick out some fun/funny things from the 100 Yen store:

1-Favorite personal care item.
2-The best engRish.
3-Strangest flavor combo in a snack.
4-Strangest kitchen item.


"Bamboo Earpick"


"The rubber cap of the stick" "Do not damage the base of the stick and prevent the rubber cap from sliding off the base" "For personal safety, please chanfe the rubber cap periodically" "Please make sure whenther the rubber cap mathches the stick or not before use." "Please be carefully when using the product on slippery surfaces" "Please note that if the rubber cap is placed stably at the bottom of the stick" "Do not place the rubber cap on inappropriate sticks"


"Taping Tape" "Use on low back, knee, and elbow etc" "Read carefully the instructions on all pages of this document before use"


"Mix seeds and nuts with Sardine"


...Exactly. What is it and what does it do?


  1. Bahaahaa.. this is soooo funny!

    PS I am so glad you guys had a lovely Christmas!