Friday, July 23, 2010


You may be thinking, "man, she writes a lot." You my friend would be correct. Joel is in the states right now so I am home alone with my thoughts (and they are many). It helps to write it out. You are the recipients. :) The beauty of a blog though is that you, the reader, have a choice to read it or not. So there you go.

I was watching Julie & Julia the other day. Included in the "special features" part was an interview where the actors talked about Julie Child being someone who loved food. They said that she revolutionized the way Americans thought about it. Let me explain. She said that it is okay to put gorgeous, delicious, and decadent food on the table every evening for your family. By this you show them a simple act of love to them. This is so true in my life! I LOVE food. I love making it, researching it, and of course, enjoying it with loved ones. I've never thought of preparing meals as an act of love, but that is exactly what it is. All of the thought and effort that goes into a meal is so great. When the meal is shared there is a comfort and joy that is spread around the table. People feel fat and happy which is a wonderful thing. Now I feel like I have an excuse to make rich yummy food for my husband and friends. Its one of the ways I say, "I love you."

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